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How do all-organic, fair-trade speakers sound? I have yet to try, but this has got to be the next best thing – HEMP speakers for your home stereo, your hemp guitar, or your dub soundsystem. Check these beauties out! Hemp board cabinet construction, with a bamboo outer shell. Fully-loaded with hemp cones in the drivers. Who would turn such a concept into reality and then offer Hand-Dyed One-of-a-KIND Speaker Grills to go with?
Cannababy, CannaBoomer, CannaBass, CannaBear, CannaBomb and CannaBeast sound like the stoned superheroes straight out of a comic book. In Reality, they're product names of a new line of car stereo speakers from HempHop. 2003 Read More...
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High-End Hemp Speakers Are All the Buzz
By Chuck Squatriglia March 8, 2010
There’s no denying that the cannabis sativa plant has played a huge role in the music industry for decades, but this newest usage might be the most surprising: hemp speakers. And in the case of Tone Tubby, using hemp as one of the main materials isn’t just a gimmicky nod to the love affair